For_Sale_Sign4There’s more to selling a home than just plopping down a For Sale sign in the front yard and hoping for a buyer to come through.  The following are a few tips you as the seller can apply to help move your house off the market with a new buyer.  By applying few of the tips below Christopher can help you sell your house in a timely manner at top dollar.

Detach Yourself
Often time sellers will attach themselves to their house emotionally and this can actually have a negative affect in selling your property.  The goal is to have buyers see it as “their” potential home and not yours. Just remember when buying a property it is often an emotional decision, but when selling a property you need to separate your emotions from the equation and think of it more as a marketable commodity.

The Outside Does Count
One of the things Christopher emphasizes when selling a home is to make the house feel welcoming to the potential buyer at first site.  This means making sure the front lawn is well maintained, trees or shrubs are trimmed as well as any branches or leaves on the floor should be swept.  You want the house to be obstacle free for the potential buyer as well as giving off that welcoming home feeling.

Let There Be Light
Lighting is often one of the little things that are overlooked when selling a home.   One of the ways to give off that welcoming feeling is to turn on all the lights inside the house and if a viewing is during the night time, turn on all the outside lights as well. Living in California we are fortunate to have great weather most of the year so open those curtains, blinds or drapes and let that light in during the day. By turning on all the lights it gives off a warm and comfort feeling.

Avoid Clutter
After years of living in the same home it’s pretty tough to avoid having clutter around the house but it also does affect the way buyers view your home.   Make sure any unnecessary objects are put away and all counter tops, closets, garages and rooms throughout the house are clutter free.

Who Lives Here?
Another one of those little things that are overlooked is putting any family portraits / pictures away.  Making your home “anonymous” is letting the buyers view it as “their” potential home. When a buyer views your home and sees a family portrait on the wall or pictures on the shelves / counters it can often leave the image in their head rather then the house itself.  Remember, you want to give the buyers the illusion that this is “their” potential home so put away all family photos, trophies, souvenirs and collectibles.

One of the most important rooms in your house is the Kitchen, so make sure all the clutter is off the counter.  Make sure the counter tops are all clean and everything is put away either in a storage box or neatly organized in the cabinets and drawers.  For any dishes, pots and pans that are not being used put them away in storage, because often time buyers will open all your cabinets and drawers to see if there is enough space for their stuff.  The key is to have as much empty space as possible which also applies to under the sink.

Knick Knacks
Make sure to do a walk thru of your house and check for anything that will need minor repairs or replacement such as replacing any light bulbs that may have gone out or faulty wiring. Be sure to check all the faucets throughout the house and make sure they are not leaking, because the minor knick knacks can add up and potentially steer the buyers away.

We love pets but that doesn’t mean the potential buyer will, so make sure all your pets are kept outside and or safely out of the way.

Quiet On The Set
Even though nobody knows your house as well as you do it’s best to keep a low profile during a viewing to a potential buyer.  Christopher understands what buyers are looking for and will have a much easier time explaining things about the house to the potential buyer if you keep a low profile.

Open Houses
During open houses it is suggested to stay away from your house while buyers are viewing your home.  Often time buyers will feel like they are invading your space as intruders thus making them less receptive toward viewing your home if you are there.

While doing a walk thru of your house with Christopher, he will go over all these tips as well as more suggestions to help get your house sold in a timely manner and for top dollar.